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Tuesday 13th November - Pre-conference network forums

The ASPiH pre-conference network forums are highly focussed events that brings members from our Specially interest Group together with commercial and non-commercial members to collaborate and discuss important areas of shared interest to help us define the strategy and future working of ASPiH activities. We envisage that through hosting these meetings we will enable leverage from broader representation multiple group collaboration to consider a summit in the specialist topic in 2019.

There will be forums in the following areas: Information on how to book will follow shortly.

Human Factors
Managers and Directors

Student rate - is available only to students currently on an undergraduate programme, it does not include any students/learners attending postgraduate programmes, courses or modules.
Students will receive a 50% discount

Technician rate - applies to skills and simulation technicians and technologists working in NHS Trust and/or University facilities, whose main employed role is as a simulation technician.
Technicians will receive a 25% discount

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